Simple Breadcrumbs navigation generator for Nette Framework

dev-master 2023-09-01 11:44 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-05 15:27:46 UTC


Nette Breadcrumb forked from DavidZadrazil/nette-breadcrumb-bootstrap

Simple Nette component creating Breadcrumb navigation.


The best way to install this component is throught Composer.

$ composer require alnux/nette-breadcrumb:dev-master

Or simply download this package and place it into your vendor directory.


Create component in your presenter (idelly in BasePresenter) and add link to the main page -

protected function createComponentBreadCrumb()
	$breadCrumb = new \Alnux\NetteBreadCrumb\BreadCrumb();
	$breadCrumb->addLink('Main page', $this->link('Homepage:'), 'icon-homepage');

	return $breadCrumb;

In another presenter, when we want to add another link -

$this['breadCrumb']->addLink('Sub page')

to edit this link on any presenter's action you could use the next

$this['breadCrumb']->editLink('Sub page', $this->link('User:'), fa fa-dashboard)

and to remove

$this['breadCrumb']->removeLink('Sub page')

Calling it from templates

{control breadCrumb}

finally if you have your own template you can call with customTemplate($template) on the presenter class, by example

// on your component declaration (maybe called BasePresenter.php) 

// or on your regular presenter

by the way context on presenters are deprecated, read this so please take the necessary measures