WordPress plugin to hide posts from archives (lists)

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v1.1.1 2023-04-20 19:28 UTC


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Excludes specific WordPress posts from archives (homepage, search, date/author/term archives).

Adds <meta name='robots' content='noindex,nofollow' /> meta to the head to restrict inclusion in web searches.


This plugin provides a way for content to live inside WordPress and still be accessible by a direct URL but appear hidden everywhere else. Useful for culling older content that shouldn't appear in search results because it is untimely.


By default, the plugin will prevent archiveless posts from appearing on the page. This is limited to the main query of the page. It will not affect other queries by default.

Archiveless posts can be excluded from normal queries by passing exclude_archiveless:

$query = new WP_Query(
    'exclude_archiveless' => true,
    // ...

// Via 'pre_get_posts'.
  function ( $query ) {
    if ( special_condition() ) {
      $query->set( 'exclude_archiveless', true );

Handling archiveless posts with get_posts() calls

Queries made with get_posts() will always exclude archiveless posts by default since get_posts() sets a default post_status of publish. To include archiveless posts, you can specify the post_status of any, declare the post_status explicitly with [ 'publish', 'archiveless' ], or pass include_archiveless set to true:

// $post_ids will include archiveless posts.
$post_ids = get_posts(
    'fields'              => 'ids',
    'include_archiveless' => true,
    'suppress_filters'    => false,

// Or declare the post_status explicitly.
$post_ids = get_posts(
    'fields'              => 'ids',
    'suppress_filters'    => false,
    'post_status'         => [ 'archiveless', 'publish' ],


The plugin includes uncompiled Javascript. You can install the plugin by tracking the main-built branch or by using a *-built tag. Otherwise, you can download the plugin and compile the assets manually:

npm install
npm run build


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