Package that allow you to export Laravel Nova resources.

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This package adds and universal export action to your nova application.


  • laravel/nova: ^3.0
  • gobrightspot/nova-detached-actions: ^1.1
  • optimistdigital/nova-multiselect-field: ^2.0
  • kpolicar/nova-date-range: dev-master
  • rap2hpoutre/fast-excel: ^2.5


To use the export action, you must add it to actions method of your resource.

use Allanvb\NovaExports\ExportResourceAction;

public function actions(Request $request): array
    return [
        new ExportResourceAction($this),

Available methods

  • only(array $columns) - Define whitelist of fields that can be exported.
  • except(array $columns) - Excludes the given fields from exporting list.
  • filename(string $name) - Sets the download filename.
  • withUserSelection() - Enables multi-select field that allow user to select the columns when exporting.
  • usesDateRange(string $columnName) - Enables field that allow user to select the range of dates when exporting. Default: created_at
  • usesGenerator() - Enables cursor usage when getting data from database.
  • queryBuilder(callable $query) - Use own query on data exportation.
  • disk(string $disk) - The storage you want to use for storing export files.

withUserSelection method cannot be used together with queryBuilder method.

You are also able to use all of Nova Action methods, and all of Detached Actions methods on ExportResourceAction.


The package can throw the following exceptions:

Exception Reason
ColumnNotFoundException Column does not exist in given table.
EmptyDataException No records to export.
RangeColumnNotDateException Given column for date range is not a date.

To do

  • Export single resource
  • Implement user selection export
  • Implement generator on exporting
  • Add way to perform joins on export
  • Add Eloquent relations export
  • Add option to export to PDF


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.