Import/Export Algolia settings into your Laravel Scout project

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DEPRECATED: Use of this repository is deprecated. Please use Scout Extended - instead.

Laravel Scout Settings

Import/Export Algolia settings, synonyms and query rules into your Laravel Scout project.

The easiest way to manage your settings is usually to go to your Algolia dashboard because it has a nice UI and you can test the relevancy directly there.

Once you fine tuned your configuration, you may want to add it to your project.

This package adds two Laravel commands to your project:

  • one to save your settings, synonyms and query rules into JSON files
  • one to push everything back to Algolia

This has 3 major advantages:

  1. You can version your configuration with your VCS
  2. You can set up a new environment or restore backups easily
  3. It lets you customize your settings in JSON format before pushing them


Install this package with composer

composer require algolia/laravel-scout-settings

Laravel 5.5

If you use Laravel 5.5, this package will take advantage of the Package Auto-Discovery feature. Nothing more to do to register the commands.

Laravel 5.4 and prior

If you use an older version of Laravel, you will have to add the Service Provider to the providers array in config/app.php



You will now get two new commands available in artisan. They both take a model's fully qualified class name, just like Laravel Scout does to import/flush data.

The following example assume you have an App\Contact class, which uses the Searchable trait.

Note: Scout allows you to customize the index name with the searchableAs() method. This package will follow this naming convention.

Backing up settings (Project ⬅️ Algolia)

The following command will export all the settings and synonyms from the App\Contact's index into the following files:

  • Settings: resources/algolia-settings/index_name.json
  • Synonyms: resources/algolia-settings/index_name-synonyms.json
  • Query Rules: resources/algolia-settings/index_name-rules
php artisan algolia:settings:backup "App\Contact"

Note that if you want to add the prefix to your file names (which was the default behavior in v1), you can pass the --prefix option.

php artisan algolia:settings:backup "App\Contact" --prefix

Pushing settings (Project ➡️ Algolia)

The following command will read all the settings, synonyms and query rules from the files in resources/algolia-settings/ and import them into Algolia's index.

php artisan algolia:settings:push "App\Contact"

You can also pass the --prefix option, just like the backup command.

Customizing directory

By default, settings, rules and synonyms are saved into the resources/algolia-settings. The directory can be customized by the defining an environment variable named ALGOLIA_SETTINGS_FOLDER. For example, the following command will save all the index resources into resources/indexmeta.

ALGOLIA_SETTINGS_FOLDER=indexmeta php artisan algolia:settings:backup


composer test

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