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Quick way to write and read fixture data.

Takes php arrays and quickly puts them on the filesystem as yaml files and vice versa.

See tests folder for Test Examples

Non Laravel Usage

You can see in the tests/FixturizerTest.php file some examples of usage. The main goal being that Writer or Reader allow you to easily pass a filename and path to get or put the file / fixture data in yml format.

If you are using Laravel 5.x

Load up the Provider and Facades

config/app.php load under Providers


Load under Facades

    'FixturizerReader' => 'AlfredNutileInc\Fixturizer\FixturizerReader',
    'FixturizerWriter' => 'AlfredNutileInc\Fixturizer\FixturizerWriter',

The default folder is tests/fixtures but you can modify this by running

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="AlfredNutileInc\Fixturizer\FixturizerServiceProvider"

Then you can use it as seen below in a test file

    use AlfredNutileInc\Fixturizer\FixturizerReader;
    use AlfredNutileInc\Fixturizer\FixturizerWriter;
    class FixtureTest extends \TestCase {

         * @test
        public function should_write_fixture()
            $fixture = ['foo' => 'bar'];
            FixturizerWriter::createFixture($fixture, 'foo.yml');
            $this->assertFileExists(FixturizerWriter::getDestination() . 'foo.yml');
         * @test
        public function should_read_fixture()
            $name = 'foo.yml';
            $path = base_path() . '/tests/fixtures/';
            $results = FixturizerReader::getFixture($name, $path);