Reinvented pipelines for PHP

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Reinvented pipelines for PHP

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What's a Pipeline

A pipeline is a set of data processing elements connected in series, where the output of one element is the input of the next one.


From Composer

To use this package, use Composer:

  • from CLI: composer require alexmanno/pipeline-remix
  • or, directly in your composer.json:
    "require": {
        "alexmanno/pipeline-remix": "dev-master"



A Pipeline is a simple SplQueue of Stage.

You can initialize it in this way: $pipeline = new AlexManno\Remix\Pipelines\Pipeline();

You can add Stage to Pipeline using $pipeline->pipe($stage)


A Stage is an object that implements AlexManno\Remix\Pipelines\Interfaces\StageInterface and has an __invoke() method.

This object is the smallest part of the pipeline and it should be a single operation.

You can create a class that implements that interface.


 class MyCoolStage implements AlexManno\Remix\Pipelines\Interfaces\StageInterface
     * @param Payload $payload
    public function __invoke(Payload $payload)
        return $payload;


Payload is an object that implements PayloadInterface and can store any kind of data. For example in a web application it can store Request and Response.


class Payload implements AlexManno\Remix\Pipelines\Interfaces\PayloadInterface
    /** @var RequestInterface */
    public $request;
    /** @var ResponseInterface */
    public $response;

Compose and run your pipeline

If you have already initialized Payload object and Stages objects you can compose your pipeline.


// -- Initialized objects: $payload, $pipeline, $stage1, $stage2 --

    ->pipe($stage1) // Add $stage1 to queue
    ->pipe($stage2); // Add $stage2 to queue

$pipeline($payload);  // Run pipeline: invoke $stage1 and then $stage2 with payload from $stage1

You can also compose two or more pipelines together using method add()


// -- Initialized objects: $payload, $pipeline1, $pipeline2, $stage1, $stage2 --

$pipeline1->pipe($stage1); // Add $stage1 to $pipeline1
$pipeline2->pipe($stage2); // Add $stage2 to $pipeline2

$pipeline1->add($pipeline2); // Add stages from $pipeline2

$payload = $pipeline1($payload); // Run pipeline: invoke $stage1 (from $pipeline1) and then $stage2 (from $pipeline2) with payload from $stage1



I hope you found useful this repo. Thanks for attention.

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