A starter project for laravel with docker

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For information about Laravel, see the original

Project purpose

A base for running Laravel under Docker locally and on AWS. Note: this codebase is very much a WIP.

Initial setup

  1. Use composer's create-project command to create a new project in a folder blog:

     $ composer create-project --prefer-dist alexkb/laravel-docker:dev-master blog 
  2. Build and run application

     $ cd blog
     $ ./scripts/local/
     $ ./scripts/local/
  3. Now load up http://localhost:8083/ in a browser, and you should see the default Laravel home page.


  • Add in AWS CLI container with ability to push to ECS or Fargate.
  • Document how to use with Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Containers for scheduler and queue worker.

Why don't you use laraadock?

Laradock is a very good package at covering all use cases for Laravel with Docker. This project has a different use case, which is to provide the bare minimum as a start point, as well as being easier to deploy to an online environment.