Sitemaper is a library to generate flexible sitemaps

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Maintainability Test Coverage

Sitemaper is a very flexible PHP sitemap generator library that you can use to generate sitemap files. It can generate into various format such as XML. It can also output the sitemap as raw data so you can bind it to a controller for example.

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use Alexecus\Sitemaper\Sitemap;

$sitemap = new Sitemap('');

    ->addItem('/', [
        'lastmod' => '2020-05-15',
        'changefreq' => 'monthly',
        'priority' => '1.0',
    ->addItem('/page', [
        'lastmod' => '2020-05-15',
        'changefreq' => 'daily',
        'priority' => '0.8',



Install via Composer

$ composer require alexecus/sitemaper

What can Sitemaper do

  • Generate XML files
  • Output sitemap XML response from your controller
  • Generate sitemap index files

Why choose Sitemaper

  • Probably the most flexible, you can even change the transformers and writers
  • Support for Google sitemap extensions
  • Support for sitemap index files
  • 100% test code coverage
  • Fluent usage
  • Fully documented