A library to access MailCatcher

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Integrates MailCatcher in your PHP application.

MailCatcher is a simple SMTP server with an HTTP API, and this library aims to integrate it to make it easy to use it with PHP.

Behat extension

This library provides a Behat extension to help you test mails in your application.

To use it, you first need to be sure MailCatcher is properly installed and running. You can use docker to execute it:

docker run -d -p 1080:1080 -p 1025:1025 --name mailcatcher schickling/mailcatcher

First, configure in your behat.yml:

            url: http://localhost:1080
            purge_before_scenario: true

Then, add the MailCatcherContext context in your FeatureContext file:

use Alex\MailCatcher\Behat\MailCatcherContext;
use Behat\Behat\Context\BehatContext;

class FeatureContext extends BehatContext
   public function __construct(array $parameters)
      $this->useContext('mailcatcher', new MailCatcherContext());

Available steps

This extension provides you mail context in your tests. To use assertions, you must first open a mail using criterias.

Once it's opened, you can make assertions on it and click in it.

Server manipulation

Deletes all messages on the server

  • When I purge mails

Mail opening

  • When I open mail from ""
  • When I open mail containing "a message"
  • When I open mail to ""
  • When I open mail with subject "Welcome, mister Bond!"


Verify number of messages sent to the server:

  • Then 1 mail should be sent
  • Then 13 mails should be sent

Verify text presence in message:

  • Then I should see "something" in mail
  • Then I should see "something else" in mail

Verify text presence in mail without opening:

  • Then I should see mail from ""
  • Then I should see mail containing "a message"
  • Then I should see mail to ""
  • Then I should see mail with subject "Welcome, mister Bond!"

Custom mailcatcher context

Only available from PHP 5.4

If you want to create a context class that relates to MailCatcher, you can use the MailCatcherTrait to get the mailcatcher client injected inside your class:

use Alex\MailCatcher\Behat\MailCatcherAwareInterface;
use Alex\MailCatcher\Behat\MailCatcherTrait;
use Alex\MailCatcher\Message;
use Behat\Behat\Context\Context;

class WelcomeContext implements Context, MailCatcherAwareInterface
    use MailCatcherTrait;

     * @Then /^a welcome mail should be sent$/
    public function testTrait()
        $this->findMail(Message::SUBJECT_CRITERIA, 'Welcome!');

This trait offers the following methods:

  • getMailCatcherClient(): returns the mailcatcher Client instance.
  • findMail($criteria, $value): facility to search for a given message, or throws an exception if not found

Don't forget to implement the MailCatcherAwareInterface to get the mailcatcher client injected inside your context class.

Client API

Browse easily your API with the integrated SDK:

$client = new Alex\MailCatcher\Client('http://localhost:1080');

// Returns all messages
$messages = $client->search();

// Count messages

// Filter messages
$messages = $client->search(array(
    'from'        => '',
    'to'          => '',
    'subject'     => 'Bla',
    'contains'    => 'Hello',
    'attachments' => true,
    'format'      => 'html',
), $limit = 3);

// Search one message
$message = $client->searchOne(array('subject' => 'Welcome'));

Message API

// Message API, get the content of a message
$subject = $message->getSubject();
$plainTextBody = $message->getPart('text/plain')->getContent();
$htmlBody = $message->getPart('text/html')->getContent();

// Message API, return a Person object or an array of Person object
$person  = $message->getFrom();
$persons = $message->getRecipients();

// Person API
$person = $message->getFrom();

$name = $person->getName(); // null means not provided
$mail = $person->getMail();

// Attachments

// Delete

Attachment API

// Attachment API