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A PHP library providing ISO 4217 data.

codecov License

What is ISO 4217

ISO 4217 is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization, which delineates currency designators, country codes (alpha and numeric), and references to minor units in three tables.

-- Wikipedia


$ composer require alcohol/iso4217




$iso4217 = new Alcohol\ISO4217();

// or

// also


    [name] => Euro
    [alpha3] => EUR
    [numeric] => 978
    [exp] => 2
    [country] => Array
            [0] => AD
            [1] => AT
            [30] => YT
            [31] => ZW


The following codes have been intentionally left out:

  • BOV Bolivian Mvdol (funds code)
  • CHE WIR Euro (complementary currency)
  • CHW WIR Franc (complementary currency)
  • CLF Unidad de Fomento (funds code)
  • COU Unidad de Valor Real (UVR) (funds code)
  • MXV Mexican Unidad de Inversion (UDI) (funds code)
  • USN United States dollar (next day) (funds code)
  • UYI Uruguay Peso en Unidades Indexadas (URUIURUI) (funds code)
  • UYW Unidad Previsional (tracks nominal wage index)
  • XAG Silver (one troy ounce)
  • XAU Gold (one troy ounce)
  • XBA European Composite Unit (EURCO) (bond market unit)
  • XBB European Monetary Unit (E.M.U.-6) (bond market unit)
  • XBC European Unit of Account 9 (E.U.A.-9) (bond market unit)
  • XBD European Unit of Account 17 (E.U.A.-17) (bond market unit)
  • XDR Special drawing rights
  • XPD Palladium (one troy ounce)
  • XPT Platinum (one troy ounce)
  • XSU Unified System for Regional Compensation (SUCRE)
  • XTS Code reserved for testing purposes
  • XUA ADB Unit of Account (African Development Bank)
  • XXX No currency

Also some currencies that are deprecated:

  • SVC El Salvador Colon
  • VEF The previous Venezuelan Bolívar
  • ZWD/ZWN/ZWR/ZWL Zimbabwean dollar(s)


Feel free to submit a pull request or create an issue.


alcohol/iso4217 is licensed under the MIT license.