A template engine compatible with perl::template

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alar/template template engine

What is this repository for?

  • alar/template is a template engine compatible with PERL::HtmlTemplate

This project is mostly for internal use so documentation is still largely incomplete, but code should be not to hard to check.

How do I get set up?

  • Summary of set up

    composer require alar/template

  • Usage

use alar\template\template;
$template=new template($options);
where $options is a hash with this possible keys
	'paths'=>string or array path to search when template name is relative
	'debug'=> boolean debug on/off
	'debuglevel'=> PSR-3 log level
	'novars' => boolean when true, variables name are printed instead of values
	'nodict' => boolean, same as novars but for Dictionary variables,
	'callback'=>dictionaryInterface an object to be used or dictionary access
	'filename'=>string templatename,
	'cachedir'=>string cacheDirectory,
	'tmplroot'=string >base template dir,