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This package allows you to write Grammar in PHP OOP.


Install PHP grammar parser using Composer:

composer require alamirault/grammar

Or add the package to your composer.json

require: {
    // ...
    "alamirault/grammar": "~1.0" // check for more tags
    // ...


Simple example

$floatMarker = new OrOperator(
    new Constant(","),
    new Constant(".")

$digit = new Pattern("[0-9]");
$digits = new Repeat($digit);

$float = new AndOperator($digits, $floatMarker, $digits);

$grammar = new Grammar('Float', [
    new Definition("Float", $float),


Alamirault\Grammar\Result {#11
  -value: "12.34"
  -length: 5
  -offset: 0
  -match: true

More complex example

$oneSpace = new Constant(' ');
$spaces = new Repeat($oneSpace);

$action = new OrOperator(
    new Constant("ALLOW"),
    new Constant("REFUSE")

$if = new Constant("if");

$userType = new Constant("userType");

$userTypeValues = new OrOperator(
    new Constant("WRITER"),
    new Constant("ACTOR")

$leftParenthesis = new Constant('(');
$rightParenthesis = new Constant(')');

$comma = new Constant(',');
$arrayElements = new AndOperator(
    new Repeat(
        new OrOperator(
            new AndOperator($userTypeValues, $comma)

$in = new OrOperator(
    new Constant('in'),
    new Constant('IN')

$rule = new AndOperator($action, $spaces, $if, $spaces, $userType, $spaces, $in, $spaces, $leftParenthesis, $arrayElements, $rightParenthesis);

$grammar = new Grammar('Rule1', [
    new Definition("Rule1", $rule),

dump($grammar->parse("ALLOW if userType in (WRITER, ACTOR)")); will return 

Alamirault\Grammar\Result {#26
  -value: "ALLOW if userType in (WRITER, ACTOR)"
  -length: 36
  -offset: 0
  -match: true

Extending package with your own types: example of list

Running the test suits



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