A solution for writing and running manual functional tests for websites using markdown and pdf.

1.3.3 2021-02-19 00:36 UTC


Manual Test


Manual test is a way to create QA testing for human running. It's for those situations where automated testing is forthcoming, would not be feasible. It's meant to be a very quick and simple way to have QA.

Visit https://aklump.github.io/manual_test for full documentation.

Quick Start

This one-liner will create a folder called tests_manual and install this library there using composer.

mkdir -p ./tests_manual && (cd tests_manual && composer require --dev aklump/manual-test && cp ./vendor/aklump/manual-test/examples/config.xml .)
  1. Modify tests_manual/config.xml as necessary
  2. Create at least one folder, with a manual test.
  3. Relative paths are relative to the config file.
  4. export TEST_BASE_URL=http://mysite.com; ./vendor/bin/generate --configuration=config.xml
  5. You can also do like this: export SIMPLETEST_BASE_URL=http://mysite.com; ./vendor/bin/generate --configuration=coanfig.xml


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