Yii 2 Basic Project Template Nuxtjs

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Yii 2 Basic Project Template Nuxtjs

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Yii 2 Basic Project Template is a skeleton Yii 2 application best for rapidly creating small projects.

The template contains the basic features including user login/logout and a contact page. It includes all commonly used configurations that would allow you to focus on adding new features to your application.

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  assets/             contains assets definition
  client/             contain nuxtjs project
  commands/           contains console commands (controllers)
  config/             contains application configurations
  controllers/        contains Web controller classes
  mail/               contains view files for e-mails
  models/             contains model classes
  runtime/            contains files generated during runtime
  tests/              contains various tests for the basic application
  vendor/             contains dependent 3rd-party packages
  views/              contains view files for the Web application
  web/                contains the entry script and Web resources


The minimum requirement by this project template that your Web server supports PHP 5.6.0.


Install via Composer

If you do not have Composer, you may install it by following the instructions at getcomposer.org.

You can then install this project template using the following command:

composer create-project aki/yii2-app-nuxt basic

Now you should be able to access the application through the following URL, assuming basic is the directory directly under the Web root.


  • composer create-project aki/yii2-app-nuxt basic
  • php yii migrate
  • npm install



npm run dev

You can access your application at http://localhost:3000.


npm run build