This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Provides new measures for Akeneo PIM CE and EE

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This extension is archived. It has been done for IcecatConnector: https://github.com/akeneo/IcecatConnector and we reintegrated it inside. If you want to use it and improve it, feel free to fork it :)

ExtendedMeasure bundle

Manage measure units in families and conversions from a unit to another

Allows to :

  • Convert a value from a unit to another
  • Add more units to a family (group of measure units)
  • Create new measure families

See AkeneoMeasureBundle for more information

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ExtendedMeasureBundle Akeneo PIM Community Editions
dev-master v1.6.*, v1.7.*, v2.*

Measure configuration structure

A measure configuration YAML file is like this example:

        standard: METER_PER_SQUARE_SECOND
                convert: [{'mul': 1}]
                symbol: 'm/s²'
                name: 'meter per square second'
                unece_code: 'MTS'
                alternative_units: ['mdivs²']
  • measures_config: the symfony extension configuration key.
  • Acceleration: the measure family. In our case, we define units for physical acceleration.
  • standard: this key defines which unit will be used as the base unit for this family.
  • units: every unit of the family.
  • METER_PER_SQUARE_SECOND: a readable name for the unit.
  • convert: array of operations to convert this unit to the standard unit.
  • symbol: the usual symbol of the measure.
  • name: readable name useable as a label.
  • unece_code: code of the measure in the UNECE convention.
  • alternative_symbols: other symbols or names we could find for this same measure. The symbol can vary from one standard to another.

What's new

  • alternative_symbols: one measure can be identified with multiple symbols, to reflect the differences existing between measures systems. It can also be used to add diferent encoding of the same caracter like µ which can be encoded with the 'micro' UTF8 code or the greak 'mu' UTF8 code.

  • unece_code: alphanumeric identifier of the UNECE convention. Used by CNET for example (see http://www.unece.org/cefact/codesfortrade/codes_index.html)

  • A lot of new measures. So we had to split the configuration in multiple yaml files inside the Resources/config/measures directory.

Console commands

Because the number of measures is greatly increased, we provide some console commands to help keeping this configuration clean and to find information about measures.

  • pim:measures:check: parse all configuration files and check for the unicity of a unit inside a family

  • pim:measures:find: find a measure by one of its units and return some information.