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[Experimental] Starter kit to quickly setup your own Akeneo PIM Extension

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ExtensionStarter Akeneo PIM Community Edition
v0.2.* v1.6.*
v0.1.* v1.5.*

Using this starter kit


Our extension is meant to work as part of an existing PIM installation, thus we will use PIM Community Standard Edition to host the connector. This example host container will be at /tmp/pim-standard-edition on our filesystem.

Let's say you work for the WorldCompany and the connector name is WorldExtension. A widely used practice is to use the company name as the root namespace.


Initialisation of the Standard Edition

Create a new host project with the Standard Edition

composer create-project --prefer-dist akeneo/pim-community-standard ${PIM_PATH} "1.5.*@stable"

This will download the standard edition without git informations.

At this point, you have three options to develop your extension:

  • work directly in the standard edition src directory
  • work in the standard edition src directory via symbolic link
  • work in the vendors directory

Workin in the src directory

In this kind of organization, we will work inside the host project. You can work in this mode when you really start your project from scratch. And when you will have made some commmits, you will probably switch working with a symlink or in the vendor directory.

└── src
    └── WorldCompany
        ├── WorldConnectorExtension.php
        ├── composer.json
        └── ...

The complete process is detailled in the install-standalone.md documentation.

Workin with a symbolic link


Working in the vendor directory

If our extension need some composer dependencies, we will have no choice but to work in the vendor to make it work with our Standard Edition installation.

Best practices

We maintain an online documentation about [best practices for extensions development] (http://docs.akeneo.com/latest/reference/best_practices/reusable_bundle.html).

## Features checklist We also maintain a checklist of features you should check for a connector or an extension : doc/checklist.md

Other documentation