phpMagic: Propel ORM & Bootstrap integrated to make building Pages, Forms & Lists easy

dev-master 2017-02-14 17:47 UTC



Takes Propel ORM Object and creates a bootstrap form - Also build lists and whole pages

  • does XSS security
  • Adds related tables automagiclly
  • Option to add other tables as needed (many-to-many)
  • Renaming of colum names
  • Excluding colums
  • Client Side Validation
  • Server Side Validation
  • Validation Callbacks
  • Use to create lists of objects
  • Use to create whole pages (with auth etc)

Installation: composer require ajurgensen/phpMagic

Some ways of using phpMagic

//Edit for User 
use \ajurgensen\phpMagic\formMagic;
if (!$userid || !$user = UserQuery::create()->findOneById($userid))
  $user = new User();
$names['UGLY_COLUM_NAME'] = 'This is a nicer name';
$fm = new formMagic($user,$options,$names);
if ($fm->entitySaved)
    //all good, user updated - now redirect to some other page (entity is saved, etc) 
    //Show the form
    echo $fm->html;

Another Way

//Build a page with a list of objects
use \ajurgensen\phpMagic\formMagic;
use \ajurgensen\phpMagic\pageMagic;
$menu = array(
'Menu Point One' =>array('subpoint one' => '/one/one','subpoint two' => '/one/two'),
'Menu Point Two' =>array('subpoint one' => '/two/one','subpoint two' => '/two/two'));
$pm = new pageMagic('List Entities');
$entites = EntityQuery::create()->find();
foreach($entites as &$entity)
    $entity->link = "/edit/entity/" . $entity->getId();
$options['LM_LINK'] = array('name');
$options['LM_ADDNEW'] = "/edit/entity/0";
$lm = new listMagic($entities,$options);
if ($lm->HTMLready)