Programmatically edit PHP and Laravel files.

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Enabling Rapid-Application-Development-tools, PR-bots, code analyzers and other things

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  • Programatically modify php files with an intuitive top level read/write API
  • Read/write on classes, framework- and language constructs using FileQueryBuilders and AbstractSyntaxTreeQueryBuilders

Getting started

composer require ajthinking/archetype

That's it! Check out introduction of concepts below or review the API examples

PHPFile read/write API

use Archetype\Facades\PHPFile;

// Create new files
    ->public()->property('stock', -1)
// Modify existing files  

LaravelFile read/write API

use Archetype\Facades\LaravelFile; // extends PHPFile

// Expanding on our User model
    ->add()->use(['App\Traits\Dumpable', 'App\Contracts\PlayerInterface'])
Show output

namespace App\Models;

use App\Contracts\PlayerInterface;
use App\Traits\Dumpable;
use Illuminate\Contracts\Auth\MustVerifyEmail;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Factories\HasFactory;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\User as Authenticatable;
use Illuminate\Notifications\Notifiable;
use Laravel\Sanctum\HasApiTokens;

class User extends Authenticatable implements PlayerInterface
    use HasApiTokens, HasFactory, Notifiable;
    protected $table = 'gdpr_users';

     * The attributes that are mass assignable.
     * @var array<int, string>
    protected $fillable = [

     * The attributes that should be cast.
     * @var array<string, string>
    protected $casts = [];
     * Get the associated Guild
    public function guild()
        return $this->belongsTo(Guild::class);
     * Get the associated Games
    public function games()
        return $this->hasMany(Game::class);

File QueryBuilders

Filter and retrieve a set of files to interact with.

// find files with the query builder
    ->where('extends', 'Migration')
    ->andWhere('className', 'like', 'Create')
    ->get() // returns Collection of PHPFiles

// Quickly find the Laravel User file
$file = LaravelFile::user();

// Quickly find Laravel specific files
// ...

Abstract Syntax Tree QueryBuilder

As seen in the previous examples we can query and manipulate nodes with simple or primitive values, such as strings and arrays. However, if we want to perform custom or more in dept queries we must use the ASTQueryBuilder.

Example: how can we fetch explicit column names in a migration file?

    ->astQuery() // get a ASTQueryBuilder
    ->where('name->name', 'up')
    ->where('class', 'Schema')
    ->where('name->name', 'create')
    ->where('var->name', 'table')

The ASTQueryBuilder examines all possible paths and automatically terminates those that cant complete the query:


The ASTQueryBuilder relies entirely on nikic/php-parser. Available query methods mirror the PhpParser types and properties. To understand this syntax better you may want to tinker with dd($file->ast()) while building your queries. Basic conventions are listed below.

  • Traverse into nodes by using methods (method(),staticCall() ...)
  • Traverse into node properties by accessing properties (args,stmts ...)
  • Filter results with where(...)
  • Resolving matching paths with get()

ASTQueryBuilder also supports removing, replacing and injecting nodes 🔧

// Replace a node property
    ->replaceProperty('name', $newClassName)
    ->commit() // updates the file's AST
    ->end() // exit query

Errors 😵

If a file can't be parsed, a FileParseError will be thrown. This can happen if you try to explicitly load a broken file but also when performing queries matching one or more problematic files.

To see all offending files run php artisan archetype:errors. To ignore files with problems, put them in config/archetype.php -> ignored_paths.


php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Archetype\ServiceProvider"


  • UNIX filesystem
  • PHP >= 7.4
  • Laravel >= 7


PRs and issues are welcome 🙏 Feel free to take a stab at an incomplete test.

Development installation

git clone git@github.com:ajthinking/archetype.git
cd archetype
composer install




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