This package is a SDK for handling actions on AirLST Core (e.g. Webhooks, API Calls, ...)

0.0.2 2021-05-05 09:42 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-06-05 12:11:37 UTC



Example of general retrieve and work of a worker (using guestlists for this example)

use AirLST\Core\Facades\AirLSTCoreApi;

$apiWorker = AirLSTCoreApi::guestlist();

// Retrieve a single guestlist
$singleGuestlist = $apiWorker->find($id);

// Create a new guestlist
$newCreatedGuestlist = $apiWorker->create($id, ['name' => 'New guestlist']);

// Update a existing guestlist
$updatedGuestlist = $apiWorker->create($id, ['name' => 'Updated guestlist']);

// Archive a guestlist
$archivedGuestlist = $apiWorker->archive($id);

// Restore a archived guestlist
$restoredGuestlist = $apiWorker->restore($id);

// Permanently delete a guestlist
$guestlistIsDelete = $apiWorker->delete($id);

Current available workers

Facade function Worker class
AirLSTCoreApi::contact() \AirLST\CoreSdk\Api\Workers\ContactWorker
AirLSTCoreApi::guestlist() \AirLST\CoreSdk\Api\Workers\GuestlistWorker
AirLSTCoreApi::rsvp() \AirLST\CoreSdk\Api\Workers\RsvpWorker