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aiPhilos provides natural language processing capabilities including advanced semantical and lexicographical analysis based on recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence technology.

Currently, aiPhilos provides two sets of APIs:

  • items provides a real-time database and search engine using the semantics API (see below) improving search results and indexing through understanding natural language, adding natural language analysis and Artificial Intelligence as a component to understand your data set
  • semantics can split natural human language input into machine-readable chunks and attach additional information usable to deepen natural language understanding in your application (tokenization, part of speech tagging, word classes and categories, named entity recognition, lexicographical data, synonyms/hypernyms/hyponyms, similarity and sentiment data, and learned knowledge)

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The easiest way to install this library is to use composer.

    "require": {
        "aiphilos/api-sdk-php": "1.*"


Semantics (Semantic analysis of natural language input)

Creating and configuring the client

// Create client
$client = new Aiphilos\Api\Semantics\Client();

// Configure client
$client->setAuthCredentials('user', 'pass');

Parsing a single string

$res = $client->parseString('Ordner');

Parsing multiple strings

$res = $client->parseStrings(array('Ordner leitz', 'tastatur'));

// Alternative
$res = $client->parseStrings(array('example_1' => 'Ordner leitz', 'example_2' => 'tastatur'));

Using custom implementations for Lexemes and Synsets

Aiphilos\Api\Semantics\LexemeFactory::setDefaultClass('My\Namespace\And\Classname'); // Instance of Aiphilos\Api\Semantics\LexemeInterface
Aiphilos\Api\Semantics\SynsetFactory::setDefaultClass('My\Namespace\And\Classname'); // Instance of Aiphilos\Api\Semantics\SynsetInterface

Items (Database and search engine)



This library is available under the Apache 2.0 License.


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