Pluggable features/Modular Structure helper for laravel 5

v1.0.3 2015-06-16 05:46 UTC


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A modular pattern guide/generator for creating a (more modular way) laravel application easily. It follows the FIG PSR-1, PSR-2, and PSR-4 coding standards. Pluggables supports the current version of laravel (5.1).


You can install this package using composer

composer require aindong/pluggables=~1.0

Once the composer operation is complete, locate your config/app.php and open it using your editor(vim, sublime, phpstorm, etc). Then add this into the service providers array


then scroll down to see the facade array and add this

'Pluggables' => Aindong\Pluggables\Facades\Pluggable::class,

after that, you have to set the configuration files of pluggables using php artisan vendor:publish then look for the pluggables.php on the config folder.

and you can start using both the Plugegables console commands and facades during the development of your application, to see all the pluggables commands simply type this into your terminal php artisan and check for pluggables. Have fun!

#####NOTES: Development stage

#####SOON Will add unit tests soon. For those who would like to contribute, you can always contact me @ for now, thank you!