Aimeos ai-woocommerce extension

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2024.04.2 2024-05-02 19:02 UTC

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Migrate your WooCommerce database to your Aimeos ecommerce installation.


  • Wordpress with WooCommerce
  • Aimeos 2023.10+


In your Aimeos setup, use composer to install the ai-woocommerce package:

composer req aimeos/ai-woocommerce


Configure your Wordpress database in your Laravel ./config/shop.php:

	'resource' => [
		'db-woocommerce' => [
			'adapter' => 'mysql',
			'host' => '',
			'port' => '3306',
			'database' => 'wordpress',
			'username' => 'wp_db_user',
			'password' => 'wp_password',
        // existing DB connection settings

Caution: Make sure the Aimeos installation contains no demo data!

Afterwards, run this command to execute all setup tasks including those from the ai-woocommerce package:

php artisan aimeos:setup

This will migrate these entities from your WooCommerce database to the Aimeos database:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Suppliers/Brands
  • Attributes and attribute types
  • Extra product options from a WooCommerce extension (partly)

If everything works correctly, remove the db-woocommerce database settings from your ./config/shop.php again.