Aimeos Lexoffice integration

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2024.04.1 2024-04-08 12:33 UTC


Push orders from Aimeos to Lexoffice web API.


Use composer to install the aimeos/ai-lexoffice extension:

composer req aimeos/ai-lexoffice

Caution: The order/service/delivery job controller needs to be executed regulary by a cronjob you need to set up! These articles how to set them up:


For your delivery options in the Setup > Service panel of the Aimeos admin backend, use "Lexoffice" as value in the Provider field in the service details:


Available settings are:

  • lexoffice.apikey (required): API key you must generate in your Lexoffice account
  • lexoffice.shipping-days (optional): Maximum days until order will be shipped
  • lexoffice.payment-days (optional): Days until payment is marked as overdue in Lexoffice