Symfony2 PHP CodeSniffer Coding Standard

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1.0.1 2016-06-21 13:46 UTC


A code standard to check against the Symfony coding standards


  1. Install phpcs:

     pear install PHP_CodeSniffer
  2. Find your PEAR directory:

     pear config-show | grep php_dir
  3. Copy, symlink or check out this repo to a folder called Symfony2 inside the phpcs Standards directory:

     cd /path/to/pear/PHP/CodeSniffer/Standards
     git clone git:// Symfony2
  4. Set Symfony2 as your default coding standard:

     phpcs --config-set default_standard Symfony2
  5. ...

  6. Profit!

     cd /path/to/my/project
     phpcs path/to/my/file.php


If you do contribute code to these sniffs, please make sure it conforms to the PEAR coding standard and that the Symfony2-coding-standard unit tests still pass.

To check the coding standard, run from the Symfony2-coding-standard source root:

$ phpcs --ignore=*/tests/* --standard=PEAR . -n

The unit-tests are run from within the PHP_CodeSniffer directory:

$ phpunit --filter Symfony2_* tests/AllTests.php