An extension of the Laravel PHP framework.

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About PhpCrystal

PhpCrystal is an extension of the popular PHP framework Laravel shipped with a modular approach and functionalities such as:

  • Declaration and auto-generation of routes and services using annotations
  • Error logging and reporting
  • Extended MVC classes
  • Docker configuration


Create a new project:

composer create-project --no-install agentcoop/phpcrystal myapp

Build Docker images:

cd myapp && docker-compose up --build

Go to http://localhost:60000 and, if everything is good, you'll see the Laravel welcome page.

Default application stack

  • MongoDb (3.4.1v)
  • Nginx (1.13.1v)
  • PHP (7.2.1v)
  • Linux Alpine (3.7v)

Version compatibility

Laravel Package
5.6.* 1.0.x


Licensed under the MIT license.



  1. Model
  2. View
    1. Blade templates compiling
    2. jQuery DataTables plugin
  3. Controller
  4. Service layer
  5. Modules
    1. Overview
    2. Annotated routing