Minimalistic framework for PHP7

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PHP7 Framework for API applications.


None, it is not even close to ready for release.

##Some Key Concepts

  • PHP 7 only
  • No dependencies(expect PSR-7 interfaces)
  • PSR: 1,2,4,7
  • No statics, no globals
  • No forced strict conventions in naming/routing, folder structure etc when using
  • No settings or configs
  • Transparency, no unncessary abstraction/wrapping
  • Use PHP 7 strict types, (except PSR-7 classes, cuz they're not PHP 7)

Intended usage

Presumptions: htaccess configured and PSR-4 autoloading

Define routes with HTTP-method, path and controllerclass + method



use Asd\Asd;
use Asd\Router\Route;
use Asd\FunctionCallback;
use Asd\MethodCallback;

$app = new Asd();

//Controller class extending from Asd\Controller and has dependency to Asd\Session
$app->addRoute(new Route('GET', '/', new MethodCallback('MyApp\Controllers', 'Welcome', 'start')));

//Just some class with a method
$app->addRoute(new Route('GET', 'about', new MethodCallback('MyApp', 'SomeClass', 'about')));

//Closure/Anonymus function
$app->addRoute(new Route('post', 'blog', new FunctionCallback(function($req, $res){
  //do stuff
  return $this->res; //return response

//Closure/anonymus function with dependency
$app->addRoute(new Route('post', 'auth', new FunctionCallback(function($req, $res, Asd\Session $session){
  //session class automatically injected through DI
  return $this->res;//return response



namespace MyApp\controllers;

use Asd\Controller;

class Welcome extends Controller
  public function __construct(Asd\Session $session)
    //session class automatically injected through DI
  public function start($req, $res)
    return $res->withJsonResponse('Hello!');


namespace MyApp;

class SomeClass
  public function about($req, $res)
    //do stuff;
    return $res;

Setup Development environment

Requires PHP7

git clone
cd php7-api-framework
composer install


Three levels of testing, unit, integration and system.

Runing tests

Run all test suites

composer test

Run Unit test suite

composer unit

Run Integration test suite

composer integration

Run System test suite

composer system

PSR-2 linting

Check for PSR-2 errors

composer sniff

Code coverage

Generate code coverage

composer coverage