Library for PKCS5 v2 key derivation & and message encryption

v0.0.10 2016-07-13 00:15 UTC

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NB: This library is neither *complete* or *fully tested*. 
If you come across this warning, it means the code isn't suitable to rely
on yet. Please bear with me, or submit a pull request to speed things along! 

PKCS #5 is a specification for password-based encryption. It allows users to express the encryption algorithm, and key-derivation-function to be used with a password to derive a symmetric key.

The scope of this library is initially limited to the primitives recommended for new implementations as described in


The library works with AES128, AES192, and AES256 ciphers.

Key derivation function

Currently, PBKDF2 is the only supported key derivation function. It allows the use of SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512.