SSL Labs Quality Checker for Laravel Framework.

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SSL Labs Quality Checker for the Laravel Framework.


Warning: Not for use in production at the moment.

This version supports PHP 8.0. You can install the package via composer:

composer require adrianmejias/laravel-ssllabs

To create the config/ssllabs.php configuration file:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=ssllabs




use AdrianMejias\SslLabs\SslLabsFacade as SslLabs;
// or use SslLabs;

$info = SslLabs::info();

Expected Output:

$info = [
    'engineVersion' => '2.1.10',
    'criteriaVersion' => '2009q',
    'maxAssessments' => 25,
    'currentAssessments' => 0,
    'newAssessmentCoolOff' => 1000,
    'messages' => [
        'This assessment service is provided free of charge by Qualys SSL Labs, subject to our terms and conditions:',

Api Requests

  • getRootCertsRaw(?int $trustStore = null) Retrieve root certificates.
  • getStatusCodes() Retrieve known status codes.
  • getEndpointData(string $host, string $s, bool $fromCache = false) Retrieve detailed endpoint information.
  • hasMinGrade(string $host, ?string $minGrade = 'A+', int $maxAge, bool $publish = false, bool $ignoreMismatch = false) Invoke assessment and check progress in order to check minimum grade.
  • analyze(string $host, ?int $maxAge = null, bool $publish = false, bool $startNew = false, bool $fromCache = false, ?string $all = null, bool $ignoreMismatch = false) Invoke assessment and check progress.
  • info() Check SSL Labs availability.

Artisan Commands

  • ssllabs:quality-test {host} {grade} - Get SSL Labs quality test results
  • ssllabs:has-min-quality {host} {grade} - Check if the host has a minimum grade level


composer test


  • Add to packagist repo
  • Add unit tests
  • Add documentation for open source contributations
  • Add GitHub Action for unit tests
  • Add more unit test coverages
  • Add more documentation to
  • Add API listing to
  • Add command
  • Add schedule from command
  • Add schedule email


Thank you for considering contributing to Laravel SSL Labs! You can read the contribution guide here.

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Security Vulnerabilities

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