Admitad api library

0.1.4 2018-08-16 12:45 UTC


A PHP wrapper around the Admitad API


Install and run the following command:

php composer.phar require admitad/api dev-master


Request access token

  • By username / password
$api = new Admitad\Api\Api()
$response = $api->authorizeByPassword($clientId, $clientPassword, $scope, $username, $password);
$result = $response->getResult(); // or $response->getArrayResult();
  • OAuth2
// 1 step - get oauth authorization url
$api = new Admitad\Api\Api();
$authorizeUrl = $api->getAuthorizeUrl($clientId, $redirectUri, $scope);
// redirect user to authorizeUrl

// 2 step - request access token by OAuth2 code returned from authorization url
$response = $api->requestAccessToken($clientId, $clientSecret, $code, $redirectUri);
$result = $response->getResult();
  • Signed Request (for applications on
$api = new Admitad\Api\Api();
$data = $api->parseSignedRequest($signedRequest, $clientSecret);
// this method throws Admitad\Api\Exception\InvalidSignedRequestException when $signedRequest is invalid

Refresh token

$result = $api->refreshToken($clientId, $clientSecret, $refreshToken)->getResult();


There are 2 common methods to communicate with api:

$api = new Admitad\Api\Api($accessToken);

$api->get($path, $params);
$api->post($path, $params);

//for example
$data = $api->get('/advcampaigns/', array(
    'limit' => 20,
    'offset' => 0

Paginated-result methods can be iterated in this way (instead of manually call methods with different offsets)

$iterator = $api->getIterator('/advcampaigns/', array(
    'order_by' => 'id'

foreach ($iterator as $campaign) {
    // do smth with campaign