That packages provides suitables classes for SMSCloud performing.

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This repository provides suitables tools for performing sms campaign. Actually, only Api's from MTN SMS CLOUD are embedded.


PHP 5.6.0 and later.


You can install the bindings via Composer. Run the following command:

composer require adjemin/mtnsmscloud


This repo has two main classes:

The first class is used to perform POST and GET HTTP request. The second one is used for MTN SMS.


Be sure to check the namespace first.

use MtnSmsCloud\MTNSMSApi;

 * Create a new Instance
 * @param string $sender_id = The desired sender_id
 * @param string $token = $token associated with $sender_id 
$msa = new MTNSMSApi($sender_id, $token);

 * Send a new Campaign
 * @param array $recipients {Ex: ["225xxxxxxxx", "225xxxxxxxx"]}
 * @param string $message
return $msa->newCampaign($recipients, $message);

 * Retrieves on created Campaign
 * @param string $campaign_id
 * @param string $message
return $msa->getCampaign($campaign_id, $message);

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