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PHP wrapper to PagerDuty Integration API.

1.0.0 2014-04-03 21:23 UTC


This library provides a PHP class to trigger events using the PagerDuty Integration API

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Installation :

Add this line to your project's composer.json

    "require": {
        "adilbaig/pagerduty": "1.0.*"

The packagist URL is


Triggering an event is done as follows :

  • Initialize the object
  • Create a request
  • Send it!
use \PagerDuty\PagerDuty;

// In this example, we're triggering a "Service is down" message.
$pagerDuty = new PagerDuty("my GUID");
$pagerDuty->send($pagerDuty->makeRequest(PagerDuty::TYPE_TRIGGER, "Service is down"));

You can also log the request and response for debugging.

use \PagerDuty\PagerDuty;

// Initialize the PagerDuty object with your GUID
$pagerDuty = new PagerDuty("my GUID");

// Create a request. In this example, we're triggering a "Service is down" message.
$request = $pagerDuty->makeRequest(PagerDuty::TYPE_TRIGGER, "Service is down");
echo "Request : ", json_encode($request);

 * Send the request and read the response in $response.
 * $pagerDuty->send - returns the response code
 * If the second argument is provided it is filled with the response as an assocative array.
 * You can log this output. The second argument is OPTIONAL.
$response = array();
$responseCode = $pagerDuty->send($request, $response);

echo "ResponseCode : ", $responseCode, " Response : ", json_encode($response);


This library needs the curl pecl extension.

In Ubuntu, install it like so :

sudo apt-get install php5-curl

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