Access Traffic Scotland's Current Incidents, Live Traffic Cameras, Unplanned Events, Roadworks, Future Roadworks, Traffic Status, Variable Message Signs and Journey Times.

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Last update: 2021-02-22 21:32:55 UTC


A package for retrieving the latest traffic information in Scotland through Traffic Scotland.

Designed primarily for the Laravel & Lumen frameworks, you can easily just drop this into any PHP project using Composer.

Table of contents


Installation using composer:

composer require adewra/traffic-scotland

Laravel/Lumen version compatibility

Version Status
4.x.x Untested
5.x.x Untested
6.x.x Untested
7.0 Test Build

For Lumen and Laravel versions earlier than 5.5 you'll also need to add the service provider in config/app.php:



This package is still in Pre-release, upgrade instructions will come when the first update is officially released.




To publish the configuration file run:

> php artisan vendor:publish --tag=config --tag=migrations --tag=seeds

This will copy the configuration file to config/trafficscotland.php.

Here is an example (and the default) configuration:

    'functionality' => [
        'incidents' => true,
        'roadworks' => [
            'current' => true,
            'planned' => true,
        'events' => true,
    'collection_methods' => [
        'api' => true,
        'rss_feeds' => false,
        'webpage_scraping' => false,
    'storage' => true

To run our database migrations that allow for storing of the data:

php artisan migrate --path=/packages/adewra/trafficscotland/src/migrations


Troubleshooting hasn't been written yet.

Package features

Type Included
Configuration Yes
Views No
Blade Directives No
Commands Yes
Migrations Yes
Translations No
Middleware No
Events No
Seeds Yes

MVP & potential future functionality

  • Incidents
  • Roadworks (Current & Planned)
  • Events (& Venues)
  • Status/Congestion
  • Traffic Cameras
  • Queues
  • Park and Ride
  • Bulletins
  • Weather Incidents
  • Weather Stations
  • Police Travel Warnings
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Highways England
  • News
  • Gritters


The preferred method for obtaining information is through Traffic Scotland's API that is utilised by the mobile version of their website.

Alternative methods include use of Datex II Service, RSS Feeds or through scraping the web pages.


Retrieving Current Incidents

  $incidents = TrafficScotland::incidents();
  php artisan trafficscotland:incidents
  php artisan tinker
  >>> Adewra\TrafficScotland\Incident::all();

Retrieving Roadworks

 $roadworks = TrafficScotland::roadworks(true, true);
 php artisan trafficscotland:roadworks
 php artisan tinker
 >>> Adewra\TrafficScotland\Roadwork::all();

Retrieving Events

 $roadworks = TrafficScotland::events();
 php artisan trafficscotland:events
 php artisan tinker
 >>> Adewra\TrafficScotland\Event::all();
 >>> Adewra\TrafficScotland\Venue::all();

Lessons Learned

  • My original choice of HTTP client Goutte isn't able to handle Traffic Scotland's website's javascript based navigation and as such, I should have gone with Selenium 2 from the beginning. Using Behat's Mink I am able to easily switch between both.