Laravel bridge for the Gbowo payment library

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$ composer require adelowo/laravel-gbowo
  • Append the GbowoServiceProvider to the provider key in config/app.php
  • Set up a default adapter in config/services.php
//...other config values
"gbowo" => [
    "default" => "paystack"

This step is optionally but can be helpful when you are certain you wouldn't be switching adapters in multiple places in your app.

Only paystack and amplifypay are currently supported.

  • Optional, you can also make use of facades by adding this to the aliases key in config/app.php
"Gbowo" : Gbowo\Bridge\Laravel\Facades::class

Gbowo's official doc is highly recommendeded.

class BillingController extends Controller
    public function chargeCustomer(Request $request)
        $adapter = app("gbowo")->adapter("paystack");
        // $adapter = app("gbowo")->adapter("amplifypay");

        $data = ["email" => $request->get('email') , "amount" => $request->get('amount')];
        return redirect($adapter->charge($data));

Calling the adapter method without passing in an adapter name would return an instance of the default adapter set in the config file.

Adding custom adapters

If you have written a custom adapter, you can include this in your app by doing what is obtainable below in a ServiceProvider of your choice.

$config = ["key" => "value", "other" => "stuff"]; //some bootstrap options your adapter might need.

$this->app["gbowo"]->extend("voguepay" , function() use ($config)){
    return new VoguePayAdapter($config);

And you can access this new adapter anywhere in your code via

$voguePay = app("gbowo")->adapter("voguePay");

$voguePay->charge(['c' => 'd']);


use Gbowo\Bridge\Laravel\Facades


//You can call any method on the facade as you would in the normal instance. Do check the api methods

API methods

  • createPaystackAdapter()
  • createAmplifyPayAdapter()
  • extend(string $adapterName, Closure $callback)
  • adapter(string $name = null)

If $name is left null, the default adapter would be fetched by inspecting the value of