A package providing extra plugins for Gbowo's Paystack Adapter

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This package is an add-on to the Paystack Adapter provided by Gbowo and is therefore not guaranteed to have the same API as that of an add-on package of any alternative payment adapter supported by Gbowo

$ composer require adelowo/gbowo-paystack


Gbowo's doc is highly recommended and is a good place to start.

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you'd ideally want to take a look at all available plugins here:

Only add plugins you need. There isn't a reason to add everything into the adapter.

  • Paystack\Customer\CreateCustomer : Create a new customer

$paystack->addPlugin(new Paystack\Customer\CreateCustomer(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

$data = $paystack->createCustomer(["email" => "", "first_name" => "Lanre", "last_name" => "Adelowo"]);

//$data contains the details of the newly created customer
  • Paystack\Customer\UpdateCustomer : Update a customer's data

$paystack->addPlugin(new Paystack\Customer\UpdateCustomer(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

$data = $paystack->updateCustomer("customerCode", ["email" => ""]);

//$data contains the details of the updated customer
  • Paystack\Customer\DeactivateAuthorization : Deactivate the authorization code for a user. If you do this, you are essentially forgetting a user's card and would lose the ability to charge that card.

Example usecase => When a user is deleting his account or deletes a card.

$paystack->addPlugin(new Paystack\Transaction\DeactivateAuthorization(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

$isDeactivated = $paystack->deactivateAuthorization("AUTH_cod3_h3r3");

//$isDeactivated is a boolean which truthiness determines if the authorization code was succesffuly deactivated
  • Paystack\Transaction\ExportTransactions : Export all of your transactions with Paystack

$paystack->addPlugin(new Paystack\Transaction\ExportTransactions(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

//can also pass in an array into the method call,
//e.g ["settled" => true, "currency" => "NGN", "status" => "Some status"]
//The dictionary would be converted to a query string which is sent alongside the request. 
//Do review the docs for valid params.
$pathToFile = $paystack->exportTransactions();

//$pathToFile would contain a link to a csv file which you then have to download
  • Paystack\Transaction\GetTransaction : Fetch the details of a specific transaction

$paystack->addPlugin(new Paystack\Transaction\GetTransaction(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

$data = $paystack->getTransaction("20911");

//$data would contain everything paystack knows about that transaction
  • Paystack\Subscription\CreateSubscription - Add a new subscription to the dashboard
$paystack->addPlugin(new Paystack\Subscription\CreateSubscription(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

$data = $paystack->createSubscription(string $customerCode, string $planCode, string $customerAuthCode = "");
//The customer auth code can be excluded as it is only useful for customers with multiple authorizations.
//Please check the docs.
  • Paystack\Subscription\GetAllSubscriptions - Retrieve all subscriptions in the dashboard
$paystack->addPlugin(new Paystack\Subscription\GetAllSubscriptions(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

$data = $paystack->getAllSubscriptions();
  • Paystack\Subscription\GetSubscription - Retrieve a certain subscription from the dashboard
$paystack->addPlugin(new Paystack\Subscription\GetSubscription(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

$data = $paystack->getSubscription("SUB_code");
  • Paystack\Plan\CreatePlan - Adds a new plan to the dashboard
$paystack->addPlugin(new Paystack\Plan\CreatePlan(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

$params = ["name" => "some plan", "amount" => 1000, "interval" => "hourly"];
//visit the api docs to see all possible data that can be sent

$data = $paystack->createPlan($params);
  • Paystack\Plan\UpdatePlan - Updates a plan in the dashboard
$paystack->addPlugin(new Paystack\Plan\UpdatePlan(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

$params = ["name" => "renaming this plan", "amount" => 2000, "interval" => "weekly"];
//visit the api docs to see all possible data that can be sent

$status = $paystack->updatePlan(
         ["name" => "renaming this plan yet again", "amount" => \Gbowo\toKobo(200000), "interval" => "weekly"]);

  • Paystack\Bank\ListBanks - Fetch a list of all banks known to Paystack

$paystack->addPlugin(new ListBanks(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

$banks = $paystack->listBanks();
// $paystack->listBanks(["perPage" => 20, "page" => 2]); //show 20 banks and show results from the second page (the results are paginated) 
  • Paystack\Bank\GetBVN - Fetch the details of a user's BVN (Bank Verification Number)
$paystack->addPlugin(new GetBVN(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));
$data = $paystack->getBVN("12345678901"); //Must be 11 digits, else an exception is thrown
  • Paystack\Bank\GetAccountDetails - Fetch the details of a user's account number.

$paystack->addPlugin(new GetAccountDetails(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));

//Yeah, that's a valid account number. Run the code to get my bank details and throw me some cash :)
$data = $paystack->getAccountDetails(["account_number" => "0115544526", "bank_code" => "058"]));
  • Paystack\Bank\GetCardBIN - Fetch the details of a card via it's BIN (Bank Identification number)
$paystack->addPlugin(new GetCardBIN(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));
$data = $paystack->getCardBIN("123456");
  • Paystack\Customer\CheckPending - Check the status of a previously pending transaction.

$paystack->addPlugin(new CheckPending(PaystackAdapter::API_LINK));
$data = $paystack->checkPending($transactionRef);


Awesome, I'd love that. Fork, send PR. But hey, unit testing is one honking great idea. Let's have more of that.

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