OAuth2 server integration for ZfcUser

1.0.0 2014-11-08 15:57 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-09 01:07:18 UTC



An extension for zf-oauth2 allowing use of ZfcUser as authentication source

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  1. Install module using Composer

    composer require adamlundrigan/ldc-zfc-user-oauth2:<version>
  2. Enable required modules in your application.config.php file:

    • ZfcBase
    • ZfcUser
    • LdcZfcUserOAuth2
  3. Configure ZfcUser

  4. Override the zf-ouath2 configuration to use the provided storage provider:

     return array(
        'zf-oauth2' => array(
            'storage' => 'ldc-zfc-user-oauth2-storage-pdo', 
  5. Override the authentication adapter used by ZfcUser. Locate the auth_adapters key in your config file and replace it with this:

    'auth_adapters' => array( 100 => 'ldc-zfc-user-oauth2-authentication-adapter-db' ),


  • Use ZfcUser's authentication mechanism in OAuth2 server
  • Populate ZfcUser auth storage when OAuth2 server authentication succeeds
  • Some tests might be a good idea
  • Some documentation and an example might also be good ideas