User profile extension for ZfcUser

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LdcUserProfile is an extensible user profile system for ZfcUser. It allows the authenticated user to modify their own account profile.


  1. Install the Composer package:

    composer require adamlundrigan/ldc-user-profile:1.*@stable
  2. Enable the module (LdcUserProfile) in your ZF2 application.

  3. Profit! The user profile page is mounted on the URL path /user/profile by default.

Show me!

If you're fortunate enough to be on a *nix system with PHP >=5.4 and pdo_sqlite, pop into the demo folder and run the setup script ( This will build the demo application, install the example profile extension module, and start a webserver. Once that's all done just open your browser and:

  • Navigate to http://localhost:8080/user/register
  • Create an account
  • Navigate to http://localhost:8080/user/profile

Changing module configuration

You can override the configuration of LdcUserProfile by copying the dist config file into the config/autoload folder of your ZF2 application and dropping the .dist suffix. Now you can modify the configuration variables within to change the behavior of LdcUserProfile!

Disabling editing of fields

Using the configuration override you can specify which fields in each extension are editable. For example, to allow only the user to change their display name and password in the ZfcUser extension you would put this in the file:

'validation_group_override' => array(
    'zfcuser' => array(

The structure provided to validation_group_override is fed directly into Form::setValidationGroup to enable only the specified form fields.

Adding custom extensions

The bundled demo module ExtensionModule provides a succinct example of how to implement your own profile extension.