JWT CryptoToken configuration for zf-oauth2

2.0.0 2015-03-28 16:37 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-02 02:52:57 UTC



Reconfigures zf-oauth2 to issue JWT access tokens.

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  1. Install module using Composer

    composer require adamlundrigan/ldc-oauth2-crypto-token:~2.0

    NOTE: If your application requires bshaffer/oauth2-server-php version < 1.6, use V1 of this module.

  2. Enable required modules in your application.config.php file:

    • ZF\OAuth2
    • LdcOAuth2CryptoToken
  3. You will need an RSA public/private key pair. If you do not already have one, refer to "Creating a Public and Private Key Pair" section of this page.

  4. Copy the dist configuration file ldc-oauth2-crypto-token.local.php.dist to config/autoload