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A very lightweight dependency-free feature-detector

1.0.0 2014-06-13 12:16 UTC


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A very lightweight (847 bytes gzipped) dependency-free module to easily detect CSS features in the browser (and declare their support adding CSS classes to the HTML element).


  • Download / get from: npm, bower or packagist.

  • Usage: UMD is supported so you can use this with AMDs / RequireJS, commonjs / browserify, or simply by sticking the <script> in your HTML and use the global SimpleFeatureDetector function. See the examples for an example of each.

  • Declare support for a feature

SimpleFeatureDetector.supports({  property: 'column-width', vendors: 'wg' });

Each object contains the CSS property desired and the vendors which it should check for*, if it's not supported natively. Possible values:

  • g - Gecko (Firefox)
  • k - KHTML (Konqueror)
  • p - Presto (Opera)
  • t - Trident (IE)
  • w - WebKit
  • all - All of the above
  • "" - return false if not supported natively

The result: <html class="has-column-width">...</html>

  • Check support for multiple features
            { property: 'column-width', vendors: 'wg' },
            { property: 'border-radius', vendors: 'all' },
            { property: 'transform-style', vendors: '' } //will check for native support only
  • To simply determine if a feature is supported without adding classes to the DOM, use the second parameter declareSupport (which defaults to true)
if(SimpleFeatureDetector.supports( { property: 'column-width', vendors: 'wg' }, false )){
  • Caching: There is none. Use this wisely :)

Browser support

You'll be fine. Tested as far back as Internet Explorer 8.

* You wouldn't want to check for a vendor+property combination when it never existed (like o-border-radius), among other possible reasons.