Drupal Orange install profile with common modules.

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Development for this theme has moved to If you want to submit issues, develop, or use this theme please visit the new project page. No pull requests submitted to this repository will be accepted from now on.

Custom profile by Acro Media Inc.

An installation profile for Drupal 8.x that includes common modules for projects.

Used by AcroMedia/drupal-orange-project.

Quick Start Guide

Get your site setup in minutes.

  • Start your project with Drupal Orange Project.
  • Begin a fresh Drupal install and choose the Orange Profile. Wait for Drupal to finish installing (grab a coffee, build a log cabin in the woods by hand etc).
  • After the install finishes, fill out your general Drupal site settings and proceed to configure items below.
  • Homepage
    • Structure > Content types > Homepage > Manage fields
    • /admin/structure/types/manage/homepage/fields
    • Setup your homepage fields based on your project/homepage design.
    • Think of the homepage as a landing page the client could re-use if they wanted. All elements should be configured through fields and/or Paragraphs. Make sure fields are labelled clearly and have descriptions where necessary so it's clear when the client is using the site.
  • Configure any other content-types or fields required for your project.

Post Configuration To-Dos

  • Add Site Admin User
    • People > Add a new user
    • URL: /admin/people/create
    • Setup a siteadmin user with the Administrator role assigned.
    • Add the entered information to the appropriate 1Password account. Clients will use this information for site access.
  • Review Permissions
    • People > Permissions
    • URL: /admin/people/permissions
    • After setting up new product types, variations etc. you will want to review the permissions and update appropriately so users/admins can properly access the areas they need to.