Custom theme for our amazing clients.

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Development for this theme has moved to If you want to submit issues, develop, or use this theme please visit the new project page.
No pull requests submitted to this repository will be accepted.

Custom theme by Acro Media Inc.


This custom theme uses the Orange Framework as a base theme.


Base Theme: Orange Framework.


Enable the theme and away you go.



  • Configured to compile using Gulp.
  • Compile to CSS by running the following commands:
    • npm install
    • gulp
  • The CSS will be compiled to: css/style.css

Starting Your New Custom Theme

This theme is meant to be copied and renamed to become your custom theme for your project. Follow the steps below to live a happy life. #blessed

  • Copy/rename this theme folder into /web/themes/custom/your_custom_theme_name.
  • Remove the .git folder and composer.json file from your theme.
  • Rename the core theme filenames replacing orange_starter with the name of your new theme. List of core files below:
    • orange_starter.breakpoints.yml
    • orange_starter.libraries.yml
    • orange_starter.theme
    • config/schema/orange_starter.schema.yml
  • Within your theme folder, find and replace the string orange_starter with your new theme name within all the files. This will change all the hook references, libraries etc. I would avoid manually sifting through the files as you'll likely miss something within one of the templates.
  • Make sure to update the Orange Starter label/name strings within config/schema/orange_starter.schema and as well.
  • Update the screenshot.png and favicon.ico files to match your new theme.
  • Update the color and font variables within sass/custom/_variables.scss to quickly adjust the theme to be more geared towards your project. Chat with a Creative department resource if you need help choosing appropriate choices.
  • Update the with project specific details, and remove this Starting Your New Custom Theme section.
  • If you run into any issues, just call my name cause I'll hear you scream.
  • Master, master!