A laravel database exporter to seed files

v1.0.53 2018-11-05 10:55 UTC

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Last update: 2020-05-06 00:31:53 UTC


Export your complete database to laravel seeder files. No need to specify any extra commands.

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    composer require acfbentveld/aseeder

Or add "acfbentveld/aseeder": "^1.0", to your composer file.

Recommended is to remove every file in your seeds folder. Inclusive the DatabaseSeeder.php. This file will be generated if it does not exists.


Using this package is very simple. Run the command php artisan make:aseed. Some actions require a confirm from the user.


When running the command, a few actions requires confirmation from the user.

Where do you want to store the seed files?

This means you can specify where you want to seeds to be stored. By default it's the default default/seeds folder. Use relative paths only!

Create seeds for all tables?

This means you can seed allt he tables in your database default this is true. If you wish the specify the tables, press n.

Truncate before seeding?

If you choose this option true a new line to your seed file will be added \DB::table('%TABLE%')->truncate();. This means when you run the seeds, your table will be truncated first.