This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Package for color manipulation

v2.0.2 2018-07-09 18:34 UTC

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This package allows you to convert and manage color models.

Supported color models

  • RGB (RGBA)
  • HEX (HEXA)
  • html colors names

Short hex code is supported (#001122, #012, #00112233, #0123)

List of names colors you can see here

In the plans

  • HSL (HSLA)
  • HSV (HSVA)
  • CMYK
  • Lab


  • PHP >= 7.1


Run command

$ composer require abyrate/colorist

Or add the following in your root composer.json file:

	"require": {
		"abyrate/colorist": "~2.0"

and run command:

$ composer update


If you change the values of any model, the rest are automatically updated


// Create an object in the standard way
$color = new \Abyrate\Colorist('rgb(55,191,0)');

// Create using static method
$color = \Abyrate\Colorist::create('rgb(55,191,0)');

Supported syntax:

  • 'rgb(0,0,0)' - rgb model
  • 'rgba(0,0,0,0)' - rgb model with alpha channel
  • '#000000' - hex model
  • '#00000000' - hex model with alpha channel
  • 'orange' - name model

Range of channels:

  • r, g, b - 0-255 (in the hex 00-ff)
  • alpha - 0-1 (float value. In the hex 00-ff)



$colorist->getChannel('red');   // get red channel
$colorist->getChannel('green'); // get green channel
$colorist->getChannel('blue');  // get blue channel
$colorist->getChannel('alpha'); // get alpha channel
$colorist->getChannel('hex');   // get hex code (e.g. #15af45)
$colorist->getChannel('hexa');  // get hex code with alpha (e.g. #15af4505)
$colorist->getChannel('name');  // get color name (e.g. orange)


$colorist->get('rgb');  // get rgb string (e.g. 15,156,10)
$colorist->get('rgba'); // get rgb string with alpha channel (e.g. 15,156,10,0.3)
$colorist->get('hex');  // get rgb in the hex format string (e.g. #15af45)
$colorist->get('hexa'); // get rgb with alpha channel in hex string (e.g. #15af4505)
$colorist->get('name'); // get color name (e.g. orange)



$colorist->setChannel('red', 15);           // set red channel
$colorist->setChannel('green', 20);         // set green channel
$colorist->setChannel('blue', 25);          // set blue channel
$colorist->setChannel('alpha', 0.3);        // set alpha channel
$colorist->setChannel('hex', '#004');       // set hex code
$colorist->setChannel('hexa', '#00112233'); // set hex code with alpha
$colorist->setChannel('name', 'orange');    // set color name


$colorist->set('rgb', 'rgb(0,15,36)');       // set rgb string
$colorist->set('rgba', 'rgb(0,15,36, 0.1)'); // set rgb string with alpha channel
$colorist->set('hex', '#123');               // set rgb in the hex format string
$colorist->set('hexa', '#1234');             // set rgb with alpha channel in hex string
$colorist->set('name', 'orange');            // set color name (e.g. orange)

API documentation