Facilitates communication between your PHP app and the Pin Payments API.

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Last update: 2020-03-28 13:34:03 UTC


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This library facilitates the communication between a PHP application and the Pin Payments API.

We recommend using this library if you would like to use the full suite of the Pin Payments API. If you are intending to just charge a credit card as part of a payment or checkout process, we recommend the use of the Omnipay library instead, which has support for Pin Payments among many other payment gateways.


  • PHP 7.1 or above


Include this library in your application through Composer:

composer require abwebdevelopers/pin-payments "dev-master"

Currently supported API endpoints

  • Balance
    • GET /balance
  • Bank Accounts
    • POST /bank_accounts
  • Cards
    • POST /cards
  • Charges
    • POST /charges
    • GET /charges/charge-token
    • POST /charges/charge-token/refunds
  • Customers
    • POST /customers
    • GET /customers/customer-token
  • Recipients
    • POST /recipients
    • GET /recipients
    • GET /recipients/recipient-token
    • PUT /recipients/recipient-token
    • GET /recipients/recipient-token/transfers
  • Transfers
    • POST /transfers

How to use

Details will be forthcoming once we have some more API endpoints supported.