Yii2 user registration and authentication module

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Yii2-User provides a web interface for advanced access control, user management and includes following features:

NOTE: Module is not yet in alpha version. Use it on your own risk. Some features are missing. Anything can be changed at any time.

Works only with Yii2 app advanced startup kit

  • Configurable Settings
    • Account(Login, Register, Password Reset, Password Recovery etc.)
    • Profile
    • Admin
  • Notification Settings
  • Ability to upload avatar
  • Rbac Implementation
  • Configurable Widgets
  • All settings configurable via GUI



This document will guide you through the process of installing Yii2-User using composer.

Add Yii2-User to the require section of your composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "abhi1693/yii2-user": "*"

And run following command to download extension using composer:

$ composer update


To enable module you should configure your application as follows:

		'modules'    => [
			'user'      => [
				'class'  => \abhimanyu\user\UserModule::className(),
		'components' => [
			'user'       => [
				'identityClass' => \abhimanyu\user\models\UserIdentity::className(),
				'loginUrl'      => ['/user/auth/login'],

Updating database schema

Run application Self-Test to update the database.

Why feature X is missing?

Because it is not implemented yet or will never be implemented. Check out roadmap.

How to contribute?

Contributing instructions are located in CONTRIBUTING.md file.


  • User Registration
  • Password Retrieval
  • Account Management
  • Profile Management
  • Console Commands
  • User Management Interface
  • Documentation
  • Compatibility with MySQL
  • Compatibility with other databases
  • Compatibility with other templates

Change Log

Refer to Change Logs


Yii2-user is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE for details.