Library for generating Markdown document

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PHP Library for generating Markdown document

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PHP Innovation Award August 2020 Winner


You can install this library with Composer:

  • composer require abgeo/gen-md


Include composer autoloader in your main file (Ex.: index.php)

  • require_once __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';


The library has two classes:

  • \ABGEO\MDGenerator\Document - For generating Markdown Document;
  • \ABGEO\MDGenerator\Element - For generating Markdown element;

Class Document

Import ABGEO\MDGenerator\Document class.

Public Methods
  • addElement() - Add element to Document content;
  • clear() -Clear Document content;

Note: See usage in example.php

Class Element

Import ABGEO\MDGenerator\Element class.

Public Methods
  • concatenateElements() - Concatenate given elements;
  • createHeading() - Create heading element;
  • createParagraph() - Create Paragraph element;
  • createBreak() - Create Line Break element;
  • createBold() - Create Bold element;
  • createItalic() - Create Italic element;
  • createBoldAndItalic() - Create Bold and Italic element;
  • createBlockquote() - Create Blockquote element;
  • createList() - Create List element;
  • createLine() - Create Line element;
  • createLink() - Create Link element;
  • createImage() - Create Image element;

Note: See usage in example.php


The ABGEO\MDGenerator\Document class has export2File() method that takes one argument

  • File path for generated document.


// Export document to file.
$document->export2File(__DIR__ . '/generated/example.MD');


See full example in example.php.


  • Temuri Takalandze - Initial work - ABGEO


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details