JawalbSms SMS Sender Wrapper Laravel

1.0 2017-04-06 19:06 UTC

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First, you'll need to require the package with Composer:

composer require abdualrhmanio/jawalbsms

Aftwards, run composer update from your command line.

Then, update config/app.php by adding an entry for the service provider.

'providers' => [
	// ...

Then, register class alias by adding an entry in aliases section

'aliases' => [
	// ...
	'jawalbsms' => Abdualrhmanio\JawalbSms\JawalbSmsFacade::class

Finally, from the command line again, run

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=config

to publish the default configuration file. This will publish a configuration file named jawalbsms.php which includes your jawalbsms App Credentials.

Note: If the previous command does not publish the config file successfully, please check the steps involving providers and aliases in the config/app.php file.


You need to fill in jawalbsms.php file that is found in your applications config directory.


Sending a SMS To Specific Number

You can easily send a SMS to Specific Number with the command

\jawalbsms::sendSMS("Some Message","PhoneNumber");