Library for to manage schedules for repeated execution of tasks

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Last update: 2022-11-16 05:37:47 UTC


A PHP library to process schedules base on CRON expressions.


  • Define schedules based on CRON expressions
  • Symfony Console Command to run scheduler
  • Simple integration by implementing two interfaces

Build Status

Note: This project is still experimental!


composer require abc/scheduler

Getting Started

  1. Define a schedule provider by implementing ProviderInterfacve.

    namespace Abc\Scheduler;
    interface ProviderInterface
         * @return string The provider's name, used to bind a provider to processors
        public function getName(): string;
         * @param int|null $limit
         * @param int|null $offset
         * @return ScheduleInterface[]
        public function provideSchedules(int $limit = null, int $offset = null): array;
        public function save(ScheduleInterface $schedule): void;
  2. Define a schedule processor by implementing ProcessorInterface.

    namespace Abc\Scheduler;
     * Process a schedule that is due.
    interface ProcessorInterface
        public function process(ScheduleInterface $schedule);
  3. Bind Processor to Provider and initialize the ScheduleCommand

    use Abc\Scheduler\Scheduler;
    use Abc\Scheduler\Symfony\ScheduleCommand;
    $myProvider = new MyProvider();
    $myProcessor = new MyProcessor();
    $scheduler = new Scheduler();
    $scheduler->bind($myProvider, $myProcessor);
    $command = new ScheduleCommand($scheduler);
  4. Run the command

    bin/console abc:schedule


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.