A simpe PDO class for MariaDB and MySQL

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Simple PDO

Secure and simple library for PHP's PDO class.


Install the composer package.

composer require abbe98/simple-pdo

In define your database connection/user details using constants:

const HOST = '' // the IP of the database
const DBNAME = '' // the database name to be used
const USERNAME = '' // the username to be used with the database
const PASSWORD = '' // the password to be used with the username

Usage Examples

Create new SimplePDO instance and open a connection:

$database = SimplePDO::getInstance();`

If there is already a open connection that one will be used automatically.

Query database and return a single row:

$database = SimplePDO::getInstance();
$database->query("SELECT `column` FROM `table` WHERE `columnValue` = :id");
$database->bind(':id', 123);
$result = $database->single();

Query database and return multiply rows:

$database = SimplePDO::getInstance();
$database->query("SELECT * FROM `table`");
$result = $database->resultSet();

Insert new row in database:

$database = SimplePDO::getInstance();
$database->query("INSERT INTO `users` (name, email) VALUES (:name, :email)");
$database->bind(':name', $name);
$database->bind(':name', $email);

Update existing row:

$database = SimplePDO::getInstance();
$database->query("UPDATE `users` SET `name` = :name WHERE `id` = :id");
$database->bind(':name', $newName);
$database->bind(':id', $id);