A PHP library for rich, testable integration with MadMimi.

1.0.3 2017-06-18 20:06 UTC


An up-to-date PHP library for integrating with the MadMimi API.

Using your http://madmimi.com account, you can interact with all parts of the API using this library. This library requires PHP 5.4+ and curl to be installed.


This library is available on packagist and can be installed using composer.

$ composer require aaronsaray/madmimi-api-php

Basic Usage

This example sends a transactional email to a promotion named "Meaning of Life" and replaces the {answer} placeholder with the answer to life, the universe and everything. This email goes to Slartibartfast at iluvcoastlines@planetdesigners.com


use MadMimi\Connection;
use MadMimi\CurlRequest;
use MadMimi\Options\Mail\Transactional;

$connection = new Connection('your@email.com', 'your-api-key', new CurlRequest());

$options = new Transactional();
$options->setPromotionName('Meaning of Life')
  ->setTo('iluvcoastlines@planetdesigners.com', 'Slartibartfast');

$transactionId = $connection->request($options);



Sending Mail

Statistics / Status






Google Analytics

Social Links

Child Accounts


In general, method calls and organization of this API have been normalized using this library. So, please check the MadMimi documentation AND this code documentation before implementing a method. Mostly they will translate the same, but from time to time there have been liberties taken in this library. The responses are not currently translated into known, normalized objects.

One such example is the transactional mailer status. While this documentation is located under the mailer section, and the end point contains the /mailer path, it has been moved to the stats section. This particular call is not for sending a mail, but instead, receiving the status of the particular email. It seems to fit better with the statistics section.

Another example is the promotion search API. The search functionality was split up - the search by exact ID is in the single retrieval option - whereas the rest of the search criteria is in the search option. This mirrors the webforms paradigm.



  • PHP 5.4+
  • Curl
  • MadMimi mailer API access

Bugs and Feature Requests

Bugs and feature request are tracked on GitHub


Aaron Saray - http://aaronsaray.com


This library is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


We're using MadMimi in our work at https://www.smallshopsunited.com - stop by and check it out. Also, special thanks to the team at MadMimi who gave me access to the API for testing this library.