SQLite drop-in database driver for WordPress

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A single file drop-in for using a SQLite database with WordPress. Based on the original SQLite Integration plugin.


Quick Start

  • Clone or download this repository
  • Copy src/db.php into the root of your site's wp-content directory

Via Composer

  • composer require koodimonni/composer-dropin-installer
  • Add the configuration to your project's composer.json under the extra key
"extra": {
    "dropin-paths": {
        "wp-content/": ["package:aaemnnosttv/wp-sqlite-db:src/db.php"]
  • composer require aaemnnosttv/wp-sqlite-db


Once the drop-in is installed, no other configuration is necessary, but some things are configurable.

By default, the SQLite database is located in wp-content/database/.ht.sqlite, but you can change this using a few constants.

define('DB_DIR', '/absolute/custom/path/to/directory/for/sqlite/database/file/');
define('DB_FILE', 'custom_filename_for_sqlite_database');


This project is based on the SQLite Integration plugin by Kojima Toshiyasu.